How to Fill Your Unicorn Bottles

A Visual Guide with the The Man

If you’re like most people, the first time you try to fill one of our 15mL unicorn bottles can be frustrating. Here is a quick, 4 step guide featuring the The Man, to get your unicorn bottles filled quickly and easily.

Step 1: Start by removing the nose of the unicorn bottle. The nose may be on tight, so pull hard! Also, make sure the nozzle to the 180mL bottle is twisted completely open.

Step 2: Next, turn the 180mL bottle upside down, and gently insert the end of the drip nozzle into the open neck of the unicorn bottle. Be careful not to press too hard, or the drip nozzle may close slightly. Remember, it should be completely open.

Step 3: Then, squeeze the unicorn bottle, NOT the 180mL bottle. This will force air out of the unicorn bottle, and into the 180mL squeeze bottle, creating a vacuum. The liquid will then begin to flow out of the 180mL bottle, and into the 15mL unicorn bottle. Squeeze repeatedly until the unicorn bottle is almost full; this will prevent you from overfilling it and wasting your precious e juice.

Step 4: Finally, keep the drip nozzle gently inserted into the neck of the unicorn bottle, while twisting the drip nozzle completely closed. This step isn’t required, but if done right, it will almost entirely prevent any “spill over” from the big bottle, preventing waste.

And you’re done! Congrats, you now can fill your unicorn bottles like a 1HW Pro!

Did you find this guide helpful? Have any comments to share? Let us know in the comments section below!