WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

My Man E-Liquid 100mL


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My Man e Liquid

  • 1 x 100mL squeeze bottle of My Man
  • 80/20 VG/PG Ratio
  • Made with Trunic 2.0 Nicotine Salts
  • 100% made in the USA


My Man Neapolitan Ice Cream E Liquid

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate. Today, the rich flavors we all love have been expertly blended into a smooth but complex vape that dances on your tongue with different complementing notes from each puff. The surge of nostalgia will leave you looking up and simply saying… My Man!

Please Note: This product is not intended for use in a pod system. This product is only intended for use in a tank or atomizer. Although this product contains 3mg of nicotine salt, it is not a “high nicotine salt” product, and thus should not be used in a pod system device. If you have any questions, pease don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6.6 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

0MG, 3MG, 6MG

40 reviews for My Man E-Liquid 100mL

  1. mike

    I just got this bottle of juices today .. this is the best chocolate favor I ever had !! So FREAKING YUMMY!!!!!!!!

  2. Michael

    One hit wonder does it again. I’m super impressed with this juice! I will be a customer as long as I vape.


    I tried the free sample I got and I love it now ordering…chocolate on the inhale and a creamy chocolate strawberry on the exhale..highly recommend

  4. donshaffer

    Another great juice.

  5. Matthew

    Got this as a sample in my order and tastes good! Hands down the best chocolate flavor I have tried yet.

  6. Michael

    This juice is absolutely top shelf very smooth amazing notes nothing over powering amazing vapor and flavor !!

  7. Sara

    My god, this is amazing! I may have to switch to 0MG because I could and sometime do vape this ALL day and night!
    Just ordered my 2nd bottle, hope I don’t run out before my new bottle gets here. 😀

  8. Ryan

    My Man… Flavors, spot on. Smooth, great tasting all day vape! Seen posts,reviews and comments about this and man, exceeded my expectations! Only downside, I’m going through it waaaay to fast 😉

  9. scorpiosrbest

    Picked up a bottle at The Vape Room in KCMO a week ago…& I’ve already purchased a second bottle! I let my friend try it & she literally just ordered a bottle last night! We also LOVED “Milk Man” which I got a bottle of at the shop, while picking up my second bottle of “My Man” LOL Seriously though….me & my friend JUST ordered a bottle each of “Muffin Man” because everything we tried from One Hit Wonder was TOO GOOD! And we are some SUPER PICKY vaping B*&#@*!

    Max VG, AMAZING flavor, “My Man” LITERALLY tastes like Neapolitan ice cream! It’s so good you almost want to drink it! Everywhere I go people tell me I smell so good like strawberries & chocolate or something… HAHAHAHA. I am NOT usually a dessert vapor…but I think I becoming an ANYTHING ONE HIT WONDER VAPOR!
    I look forward to trying “Rocket Man” too!

  10. AIlgaz

    Got this as a sample. Milk man was my first purchase and I can’t decide which one is my favorite. These guys are awesome, price is awesome. This liquid line is a game changer. I’ve never tasted any liquid that’s as smooth as these flavors. The flavor just coats your mouth, it feels so thick but so smooth. It’s not something you can explain. It’s a must buy.

  11. samantha

    OMG! I knew this was going to be good, just by hearing everyone else saying it was, but now that I got the samples… No other liquid taste good at all… I burned through my coils so fast because I couldn’t get enough! I ordered the 6oz MYMAN and its supposed to be here tomorrow.. I cant wait… Anyone doubting whether its worth spending $60 at once, dont…. It is worth every penny.. I really cant even express how good this liquid is! The only one I haven’t tried is milk man, and they’re sending a sample of it… I cant wait to try it, Im almost afraid to, if i like it as much as MYMAN, I am going to go broke ordering more and more :)… The Rocketman was really good too!!! <3 So glad I found this site and so grateful for the samples…..

  12. Madluk

    This was a flavor that I wasn’t really interested in, but my wife wanted to try it so we got a sample with our most recent order. HOLY S*$% this juice is awesome! All the flavors blend perfectly and it truly tastes like the melted ice cream in the bottom of a bowl. Looks like I have to order two bottles for my next order, because the Muffin Man is just as amazing! I’ve never experienced a juice company where EVERY flavor is absolutely spot on.

  13. jeremy

    This stuff is great I first received it as a sample with my last order and wow the flavor is spot on. Me and the wife loved it so much that we ordered a bottle the same day that we recived our last order and we got it today and have only had it about 2 hours and have vaped about 15 mls already this and rocket man we be my all day vape once again OHW hits it out of the part I’ll definitely be ordering more I love all 4 flavors they have to offer

  14. Cara

    Just got this in the mail today and I have to say this stuff is AWESOME!!!!! Rich creamy chocolate on inhale sweet strawberry on exhale with a hint of vanilla creamy and sweet a treat for sure so good you can taste it on your lips. I am vaping this in the tvf4 tank with a clapton coil at 70 watts. Another cool thing about one hit wonders is I forgot to enter the code to get the sample sizes of all the flavors and they went and entered the code on my invoice and included milkman, muffinman and rocket man in the unicorn bottles alone with my bottle of my man now that is rocking customer service!!

  15. Rebecca

    Received a free sample and I am in love! Going to be purchasing 2 bottles! Definitely an ADV for me!

  16. Michael

    My all-time favorite right here, the flavor is spot on and the price and packaging is second to none. I recommend this to everyone I know and meet who vape, those that listen are not disappointed. My coworkers who don’t vape even love it because it smells so good, a truly delicious juice that pleases all.

  17. atk100@msn.com

    I have all of them first My Man Second Rocket Man third Milk Man and Forth Muffin Man in that order but My Man is my favorite now.They should be 10 Stars.

  18. Jenny

    Excellent flavors. Is one of my ADV. Milkman and Policeman are in that rotation. Rocketman is steeping but I can’t wait to try it soon. OHW is one of the only ejuices I will vape from now on. Yes they are that good!

  19. Ryan_r

    Absolutely amazing. Very smooth. No throat hit. It’s deliciously sweet but not as sweet as everyone made it out to be. I didn’t even steep it yet and the flavor is incredible.. chocolate deliciousness with a subtle yet noticeable strawberry flavor. It’s perfect. Thank you again!

  20. Nick mgoodlett

    I wanted to vape on this for awhile before I wrote a review but all I can say is oh my god, MY MAN is definitely in my top e liquids, I give this 2 thumbs ups and it gets better and better day after day.. If I could give this a 10 star I would, it’s a must try if you haven’t!!

  21. John

    I really don’t know what to say when it comes to My Man. The juice over all is not bad, but there is just something off. I don’t know if something was wrong with my bottle or I just need to let it steep more. The flavor is all over the place on one hit I will get the strawberry on the other something that kinda reminds me of a real chocolate, but it goes away instantly. For me at lest I can not give it five stars, but if for some reason it gets better you bet I will change my review.

  22. osama

    im from bahrain

    Got this as a sample. Milk man was my first purchase and I can’t decide which one is my favorite. These guys are awesome, price is awesome. This liquid line is a game changer. I’ve never tasted any liquid that’s as smooth as these flavors. The flavor just coats your mouth, it feels so thick but so smooth. It’s not something you can explain. It’s a must buy.

  23. Richard

    Effing amazing juice…..Been vaping for 4 years….favorite juice hands down. Really smooth, excellent flavor, exactly as described. Highly recommended. My favorite part hands down is the nicotine they use. I won’t order from another company anymore. I also tried milkman and rocketman, same report!!!! A

  24. NaugDog

    This is the best juice I have ever vaped. Its so good I’m spoiled now and have to always have a bottle of this on hand.

  25. Kiernan

    Blew my mind being a Neapolitan flavor which isn’t really my deal. It is definitely blended perfect, chocolate isn’t overpowering in any way, this juice most positively left me saying “My man!” 1hw did it right with this one

  26. stevOkanevil

    I wanted to give this a 3 stars because it gunks up my coils really fast, but the flavor is just too good to not give it 5 stars. I will rewick everyday just to enjoy this flavor.

  27. casy


  28. alexandrianellist

    My man! this is friggin delicious. Every pull is different flavor wise and I’m SO happy with my purchase. Creamy delicious goodness.

  29. afishhunter

    Picked up a 6 ounce bottle at a vape shop, yesterday.
    Very good. A sort of chocolate/nut on the inhale.
    I’ll be getting more, when this runs out, and a couple other flavors, as well.
    The shop I bought it at only had the 3mg nicotine in stock, a tad weak for me. Today, I found another shop, bought a big bottle of the Rocket Man, also 3mg nicotine, but they were able to up both to 6mg for me.

    The 6 ounce bottles are a great value.

  30. aussie1955

    i love the taste of it i will buy again

  31. Tracie

    Yum! Not only is this delicious, it doesn’t seem as harsh as other juices I’ve tried, even the premium ones!

    You get the most flavor on the exhale so make sure you enjoy and savor it. I can’t wait to try more flavors!

  32. Rene

    Can’t say enough about this liquid. It’s awesome it’s rich creamy chocolatey all that. I’ve been bouncing around liquids lately finding what I like and honestly haven’t been very satisfied until now. I’ve tried another chocolate Vape before and I must say it doesn’t even compare. Great job on this one. Onehitwonder knocked it out of the park. Also the customer service is out of this world do yourself a favor and try it.

  33. Renee

    Received this as a sample in another juice order. For some reason I got a Black licorice taste with this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rocket Man though!!!

  34. rtural

    The best e-liquid I have ever tried. One Hit Wonder, You are the best e-liquid manufacturer!

  35. Josh

    If you haven’t tried this, try it if you absolutely hate it I’ll give you your money back.

  36. Sean

    not good at all. really dull.

  37. emredurel

    Tüm gün kullanıma uygun güzel likit👍🏻🇹🇷🤘

  38. Chadi

    i got my e liquid today and i have to say omg perfect taste it’s simple the best e juce i have order the man and my man. I ordered from the EU it was the worst e juce ever now it’s only one hit wonder is my new oder side is super service and fast delivery to Denmark 3 day nice 🙂

    when its said.. in the future, my order is only from one hit wonder
    love that perfectly taste thank you one hit wonder from denmark Europe 🙂

  39. hbreen (verified owner)

    Honestly, it’s the best vape I’ve ever tried. Period.

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