WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

//The Man E-Liquid 100mL

The Man E-Liquid 100mL


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(86 customer reviews)

The Man e Liquid

  • 1 x 100mL squeeze bottle of The Man
  • 80/20 VG/PG Ratio
  • Made with Trunic 2.0 Nicotine Salts
  • 100% made in the USA


The Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and milk cream. The Man E-Liquid has notes of uniquely refreshing milk cream on the Inhale followed by subtly sweet undertones of fresh strawberries that builds over the course of each vape. 100% handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. The Man E-juice comes in a 100ml plastic squeeze bottle.

Please Note: This product is not intended for use in a pod system. This product is only intended for use in a tank or atomizer. Although this product contains 3mg of nicotine salt, it is not a “high nicotine salt” product, and thus should not be used in a pod system device. If you have any questions, pease don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6.6 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

0MG, 3MG, 6MG

86 reviews for The Man E-Liquid 100mL

  1. Nicole88

    I can’t believe this had 0 reviews…. This e-juice is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!! The taste is not heavy or fake… It tastes like the best strawberry milk/milkshake you can remember having. NO Chemical taste at all….. Simply AHHHH-MAZING <3

  2. knifeguy68

    Saw a review on YouTube from a guy named Andrew. Found a local retail place that carries your stuff. This juice is the best I have had. It definitely lives up to the hype. It is now my juice of choice!

  3. djstevd

    the best strawberry anything ive ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jason

    I picked this up at Vapor Source in Pueblo. Great juice at a great price! Even the non-vapers liked the aroma.

  5. Cbj

    Loving this juice. Great flavor and vape production. One of my new favorites

  6. matt

    Differently my favorite juice of all time really good vape… Can’t wait for the next one thx onehitwonder great job 😉

  7. Amanda

    My husband and I heard so many people raving about [The] man and we had to try it for ourselves since we both very much love strawberries. We were blown away at how AMAZING this is!!!! It has become both of our all day vape ejuice! Now we are waiting for the Muffin Man to arrive!!!

  8. balata1958@gmail.com

    My second bottle of the [The] man is almost down and now I’m in a bit of a panic because it is hard to get it shipped to Europe. luckily a friend of mine is on holiday over there now and is picking up two new bottles for me. This is far out the best juice I ever had. I also like the Muffin man but this is my absolute favourite. Good strawberry’s are hard to find, this one is like you are sipping on a real milkshake. I also like the concept of 180 ml for a fair price I think. What about 1000ml bottle…….?

  9. balata1958@gmail.com

    Muffin Man is also a great juice and switching between the two juices is nice for the taste buts. Still the [The] man is my most favourite but that is just personal. Great job OHW.. Can’t wait for the next juice..

  10. Shaun

    WOW! This stuff is amazing… I bought both juices after watching some reviews and seeing how well they’ve been received. This juice does not disappoint – SO GOOD. A lot of people prefer the Muffin Man over this one, but I find them both to be equally good.

  11. Liz

    I am in the process of selling or giving away every other juice I own. THAT is how good this stuff is. Usually my buddy is such a bad influence on me (convincing me to buy vape stuff I don’t think I need) but when he dripped this into my RDA, I HAD to have my own. No regrets. I’m even using it gradually so it steeps a bit in the big bottle. My next order will include [The] Man, and my first order of Muffin Man. You’ve got a customer for life, One Hit Wonder. Thank you SO much!

  12. Woody

    It’s about time someone goes old school with a simple strawberry and creme vape. OHW hits it out of the ballpark. Most strawberry type vapes have a nasty chemical aftertaste. Not this one. I get nice and smooth creamy notes with hints of strawberry and creme both on the inhale and exhale. Please, take my money, I beg you. And this is vaping it on an Atlantis sub-ohm tank. I can only imagine what it would be like on a build…

  13. matthew

    Great juice from a great company. Such a smooth vape. The TruNic really preserves the flavor. FAST shipping and great promo’s if you register, I’ll definitely be buying more.

  14. unitedlobbyist@gmail.com

    Needs a better nipple cap, but I like the little unicorn bottles it came with. I expected top shelf and got top shelf, what great flavor.

  15. Emily

    This liquid is so amazing! I tried it at Vaporcon west, a friend picked up a bottle and told me I had to try it, and It was amazing!! best strawberry milk I have ever had!! now I can’t even stand to vape anything else! this product is amazing! great shipping rate! FAST shipping as well I am very pleased with this product and will continue to be a loyal customer! they have great coupon code deals and amazing customer service! I will be recommending this product to any and every vaper I know!! keep up the good work One Hit Wonder!!

  16. Xiaoxi

    Probably my favorite ejuice, among 4 or 5 others. I vape it most often due to the price and large bottle. I can chain vape it more without depleting my supply has often. It’s extremely tasty and just sweet enough. Very creamy, If you love a strawberry milk, you will love it. I can see the Pop tart in it, but I haven’t had Pop tarts in a decade so I can’t really say. It’s delicious and I love to vape it all day. I wish all ejuices were this good.

  17. Kurt

    #Sugarydeliciousness! The best Strawberries and creme vape available! I couldn’t believe how spot on this flavor is!

  18. Jerry

    What more praise can I possibly offer [The] Man than all of the countless legions of passionate fans have already expressed over social media? Without question, the finest, and most refined Creamy Strawberry e liquid available anywhere – at the most reasonable price imaginable. I’ve been vaping for over three and a half years, and [The] Man is my absolute favorite. I vaped a popular creamy strawberry type e-liquid for about eight months (and paid quite a lot more). One taste of [The] Man and it was love at first vape. So much so, that I have no desire to vape the two remaining 30ml bottles of the other brand I formally vaped. Apart from producing a stellar product at an amazingly affordable price, One Hit Wonder also distinguishes itself by offering the most professional and courteous customer service I’ve ever encountered from ANY e-cigarette manufacturer/vendor EVER! Given the popularity of all of their flavors, I’d have to rename this company: ‘Infinite Hit Wonder’.

  19. Nicholas

    Delightful vapor juice, kinda tastes more like a ripe southern strawberry with a little sugar on it, but may taste better in my tank, just using an RDA right now. I got a sample, well OHWEL, I will be getting the big one lol.

  20. James

    I give this a 5 star because not only is the juice fantastic but the customer service is as well. They made a mistake with my order and sent me muffin man. I contacted them and offered to send it back. They sent me my original order free of charge and let me keep the bottle of muffin man. I wouldn’t mind if they screw my order up everytime. Haha. I only smoke one hit wonder juices because nothing compares. Can’t wait to get my order of rocketman.

  21. JAY

    This e-juice has become my favorite and new all day vape juice. Great price without sacrificing the quality of juice! I love the strawberry cream flavor this juice puts out. I can’t get enough. This juice definitely reminds me of my days as a kid drinking strawberry nesquik. I also received a sample of Rocket man and Muffin man I cant way to try those and give them a review as well

  22. Metamucil

    I would give [The] man a 10 star rating if it was possible. The powerful taste of strawberries with the compliments of milk/custard is a mind boggling combination. I can vape it forever and still want more. One Hit Wonder is the absolute top notch brand on the market. Best price, best flavors, and the best over any other juice in every aspect. Nothing can compare to it’s genuine level of superb quality. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  23. William

    Ordered muffin man for my lady & got a sample of [The] man for me & i very much enjoy it! I will be getting myself some [The] man & look forward to trying the rocket man i also received a sample of. Get prices & will definitely be a returning customer!

  24. Nicholas

    Love it! Another all day vape flavor. One hit, two hit, and now three hit! Keep em coming. Compliments to the chef!

  25. edward

    I love this juice it is great i tried it and love it. I don’t use a dripper or a sub ohm tank I just use a nautilus tank and it burns great in it and taste great. I usually just use sweet tobacco and suicide bunny mothers milk. For a dessert vape but it cost so much. I tried this and it is great!! For the price you can’t beat it. I would like to have a sweet tobacco for my all day vape but I am going to use this because of the price. You can’t beat it. Rocket ???? man is my favorite, then [The] man, then muffin man. All three is great that’s just the order I like them in.

  26. edward

    I forgot to say something in my other review. I was involved in a hit and run and got run over by a car. And I can’t work and I am responsible for all my doctor. Bills. But I love to vape so I ordered some juice from one hit wonder. Then I realized I coil not afford to buy some juice I never tried. So I cancel my order to be on the safe side I could not afford to waste 60 dollars. And one hit wonder was nice enough to return my money. But then they sent me my. Muffin juice for free and a sample of rocket ???? man for free. I coil not believe it. It is not often you find a company nice enough to do that. It blew me away. That is just the kind of company they are. Money is nit the mist important thing to them they actual care about there costumers I could not believe it. It is something I will never forget. They got a customer for life in me. They got great juice and they care about me. I will always get my juice from them from know on. It might be a while before I can get anymore.. Right know I am fighting to save my leg. But as soon as I can I will be ordering juice from them. They are great.

  27. Robert

    [The] Man is all I vape anymore. It’s kind of silly how fast my wife and I have almost gone through 180 ml of this juice. I had never tried it but all the positive reviews convinced me to just go ahead and give it a try. I’m so glad I did. This stuff rocks. Smooth, natural and non artificial or non chemical tasting strawberry on the inhale and nice milky cream on the exhale. We just love this juice! I’m about to order some more, just can’t decide if I want to get the Muffin Man too.

  28. edward

    Yes I done reviewed the juice but I have spent more time with all of them and I have to say [The] man is my favorite. And after vaping on one hit wonder I can not go back to brick and mortar juice. It gives me a head ache. This juice rocks love [The] man

  29. Sherman

    I was a bit leery about buying such a large quantity despite seeing such great reviews online and on YouTube. I tried it at a local B&M shop and was blown away! I way overpaid there but now I have complete confidence in OHW’s juices. I’ve heard so many different descriptions on [The] man. It’s going to be different for everyone, but as for me… imagine a strawberry pop tarts with a glass of cold milk. Yep, it’s that delicious. I’m looking forward to my Rocket Man soon. Great job guys, and PLEASE create a “cereal” type vape as I know One Hit will knock it out of the park!

  30. jeremy

    This stuff is amazing the best strawberry milk vape I’ve tried to date I ordered this along with a bottle of muffin man and like the muffin man I’m hooked on [The] man my next order will be on thursday for rocket man and I’ve only just received this today so anyone looking for the best eliquid on the planet order from OHW and drop all the other subpar juices out there I a customer for life

  31. Daniel

    I really enjoy vaping cereal and milk based juices. [The] Man is seriously one of the best I have tried. The balance is perfect with the strawberries and cream. Smooth and satisfying, clean exhale. Definitely an all day vape! Highly recommend this to any vaper!

  32. Trev890

    Simply delicious taste just like its described. One of my favorite flavors.

  33. Alfadir

    I just recived my oder of [The] man….and it taste like all the people said…sooo guuudddd…..????????????????…this thing is like crack…just like ‘convicted vape’ review….like ‘zophie vape’ said…taste like fresh strawberry…..now my only concern is i have to order it when its at half a bottle coz they gotta mail it all the way to malaysia…gotta wait for 10 to 15 days…but its worth the wait…????….hmm gotta get some muffin man and rocketman on my next order…congratulations guys…now i had found my all day juice and by all means my ONE AND ONLY JUICE!!!!!

  34. Johnny

    I have tried tons of juice claiming to be strawberry and Creme…. This is seriously spot on… Tastes just like the strawberry and creme candies….. Great price great shipping…. I highly recommend This company!!

  35. Skt

    Juice makers take note! Making high quality, delicious tasting, affordable juice is possible. So far I’ve purchased the [The] man and rocket man and both are unmatched in in their respective profiles. If you are into strawberries and cream and blue berry, this is the juice for you. I’ve ordered both with sampling before hand and it’s better than I couldn hope for. These are now my go to juices and I’m hoping the muffin man (which I’ll be ordering in the next couple weeks) is as good. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll keep buying.

  36. Gage

    [The] Man is one of my all time favorite juices. This is the smoothest juice I’ve tried and is unmatched in flavor and vapor production. No matter what RDA or tank I use it with the result is the same. I would recommend [The] Man to anyone that likes a creamy or fruity flavor for it is the perfect mixture. I had heard that this juice was good but I had no idea that is was as great as it was. I will definitely be picking up more of it.

  37. donshaffer

    Best strawberries and cream juice hands down.

  38. Terry

    By far the best Strawberry/Cream e-juice I have had thus far (3yrs vaping) Blows Boosted Boosted and Cuttwood Unicorn Milk out of the water. I heard a lot about this juice online (FB, vape forums) finally tried it and is my new favorite all day vape. Fixing to get the Rocket Man and can’t wait. One Hit Wonder Rocks, Above Top Shelf e-juice this stuff is like the bottle of bourbon your pops only breaks out on special occasions e-juice, doesn’t get any better!!!!
    Snow Wolf 200w/Freemax Starre Pro (.25 Ni200 coils. 490f/65w)

  39. Cherie

    This stuff is flat out amazing. Ive had countless different “strawberries & cream” juices and this one outshines them all.

  40. Matthew

    Love this juice!! Great taste and great price! Also great customer service!

  41. Melih

    My favorite of all OHW juices. It is sooo good.

  42. mdefrances

    This was my first order from OHW. Since then, I have ordered Rocket Man and Muffin Man which was a gamble since I’d never tried them before. They are all excellent and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for great quality e-juice.

  43. kylelc511

    Just received this juice yeaterday and I have to say it’s probably the best juice I have ever tasted. After I ordered I had a concern because I didn’t receive an order confirmation so I emailed one hit wonder and they quickly got back to me with one and apologizing for the mix up. The great juice and customer service earn this a 5/5

  44. slappy67

    Tried it, and loved it. Definitely have to buy it soon.

  45. Jose

    I have been looking for a Nice, subtle amazing mind blowing, everyday juice.. Needles to say “Ive found it” this thing is addicting , I cannot put my tank down.. Thanks OHW..

  46. Ryan

    Not much to say besides OUTSTANDING! Milky strawberry goodness! Between My Man and [The] Man it’s hard to decide which one I want more. Hands down best juice I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to try Muffin Man and Rocket Man.

  47. Jon

    First of all a short story.

    I am new to vaping and have tried lots of different juice. Honestly I threw out a lot of juice and refuse to buy anything from Mr. E. I walked into a vape shop looking for something good and while waiting I started talking to a guy vaping and really loving it. I told him I had nearly a full bottle of Reverb Dubtronic and it was his if he wanted it. He took it. While at the counter making my purchase he said through in a unicorn tube. He filled it with Muffin Man! Now you know why I am here.

    Muffin Man blew me away! I love the stuff! Can’t say enough.

    After watching reviews on youtube I went online and ordered My Man and can’t wait five more days so I bought [The] Man at a local shop.

    I went through my first tank of [The] Man in an hour. IT IS GOOD! To me it is like a strawberry shake and on other puffs like strawberries in a bowl with cream and sugar. SO GOOD!

    Another note: The shop did not have 3mg nicotine so I went for 6. Not an issue with throat burn or nothing. Just yummy vapes and I love the stuff!

    Can’t wait for My Man to get here 😉

  48. Madluk

    Fast processing and shipping, ordered on Monday, received my [The] Man on Thursday. Had a question so I emailed and got a response within 4 hours! Fantastic customer service from what I have experienced. The juice is out of this world. A great blend of strawberry on the inhale and rich creamy goodness on the exhale. Definitely a winner, can’t wait to try Muffin Man and My Man!

  49. darrensinbox@comcast.net

    Just got the 180ml bottle of this based on reviews. Loving it already. It really does taste like a strawberry pop-tart. I’m still experimenting with this juice, but it’s working well the VaporFi Edge (aka Tesla Vortek) tank, .5ohm kanthal coil, air wide open, at 7-10 watts. Big clouds, cool vape, no raspy throat hit (yes some people like that), doesn’t make me cough, and the flavor is very evident without being over-powering. Good job. Now I want to try some of the other flavors.

  50. Paul

    Hands down the best e juice company ever! I’ve tried ever flavor and they blow anything else I’ve bought out of the water!!

  51. stewert

    Ive always been a fan of strawberry juices but i absolutely LOVE [The] man it’s the perfect blend of sweet berries and delectable cream that few other flavors can boast normally it’s either one or the other but this is perfect, stupid fast shipping to the east coast and well packaged. Keep an eye on your wives the [The] man is coming through

  52. John

    This is quickly becoming my favorite ejuice. Rocket Man has been my go to for the past month now, but with my order of [The] man, I have to say its quite hard to decide which is better. When I first started vaping this juice, it was good, but I didn’t feel like it was an all day thing. After vaping it for a few days I like it more and more. Its smooth, the strawberry flavor is just amazing. There is no harsh inhale or exhale. I will definitely have to keep this stocked.

  53. AIlgaz

    This juice is a must buy, a game changer. You’ve never tasted a strawberry milk flavor until you tried [The] man. No excuses, save your money and spend 3 times the money to buy 6 times the juice. You won’t be disappointed.

  54. michael

    I love this ejucie it is so creamy and rich i am new to vaping so maybe my taste buds arn’t complete back yet cause i can’t taste the strawberries on the inhale yet. I am using a mvp 3 pro with a i sub g tank at 33 watts . I will say my first week of vaping was rough from the coffing and constant dry mouth of the cheap 50/50 ejuice i got at the local vap store . This stuff is so much better great thick clouds really smooth .It is like having a sweet tooth without that silly calorie thing to get in the way very. addiciting !!

  55. Lauren

    I’ve been looking for a good creamy vape for over a year, but every one I’ve tried has had something “off” about it, except for this. This is THE BEST milk vape I have ever had, it literally feels creamy. Sweet strawberry inhale and smooth milky exhale with a perfect throat hit. Thanks to One Hit Wonder for the free sample, I’ll definitely be ordering this one soon!

  56. James

    Really really great sweet vape. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  57. phoenixmaximus

    I honestly dont get a strawberry flavor at all from this, that being said, its amazing! Love the Muffin Man so I tried this and first hit was weird but then i couldnt stop, to me its almost a warm peppered cream but absolutely delicious. One of the only brands without a chemical taste at all. Well done, will always have a bottle on hand.

  58. kydebbie

    Finally tried [The] man I wish I had 6 months ago. It is great and definitely a all day vape.

  59. GrimVapes Now

    I have been vaping for about 3 months now and have really been through so many flavors trying to find that really nice all day vape. I heard people saying that [The] Man was a great all day vape ( meaning it does not get old throughout the day) and they were 100% right. I really love [The] Man by One Hit Wonder in every aspect. It is sweet enough to make you really enjoy the experience but, not so sweet to give you a tummy ache like some of the SC vapes out there. I can vape nonstop for hours on [The] Man and not get tired of the taste. Every vape I take is just as good if not better then the vape before. I have had e liquids that become muted or I just do not really taste them that much after a few days but, not this one. I think it gets better with each day I vape it. I do not work for One Hit Wonder and I was not given any free e liquid to post this review. I am just a cost concious person that wants to tell people the truth about [The] Man.

  60. cgalvanized

    Just started vaping and I have tried a bunch of different flavors. My favorite flavor has been strawberries and cream. Finally found “[The] man” online and read great reviews. So I had to get it. Wow! I’m very pleased and excited to use this as my everyday vape! Way to go OHW! You guys knocked it out of the park! Great flavor of strawberries on the inhale and exhale with a rich creamy savory after taste. Im very pleased with your product and look forward to trying your other products. Keep it up! You guys are doing a great job!

  61. Shane Hall

    Finally broke down and got me a bottle of [The] man today. This juice is just delicious and smooth . This is hands down the best juice I have ever vapes. Can’t wait to try the other juices in the line up . If I could give more than 5 stars I would in a heartbeat. Thank you One Hit Wonder for this simply wonderful juice .

  62. Ryan

    Just got my order today. This juice is really really good. The quality is top notch and for the price you can’t beat it. They also sent me a FREE 180ml bottle of Police Man for winning a random selection. That’s really awesome. Can’t wait to try more of their flavors. Thanks for the free bottle OHW you’ve made a lifelong customer.

  63. heinz

    This juice is delicious! No chemical after taste. Waaay better than Unicorn Milk. I can’t get enough of it. I’m ordering my 3rd bottle as I type this because I’m running very low. I hope it’ll get to me asap.

  64. Shawn

    Great juice! GREAT customer service. Free sample juices and stickers! Thank you 1HW! I will definitely be ordering more

  65. brandon

    Absolutely amazing. I took a risk paying $60 dollars for the big bottle, but oh my god did it pay off. This flavor is incredible!! The description is spot on also, rich strawberry goodness on the inhale, and a lovely milky shaky exhale. Move over Five Pawns, I have a new go to!!

  66. seth

    Shipping was fast! packaging was great overall however the cap doesnt fit the bottle to good so have to becareful not to tip over. The flavor was amazing the first day but I guess it gave me “vape tongue” rather quickly so haven’t been able to replicate that first day flavor, I’m debating on which other flavor to throw in my rotation so can get that flavor back I loved for the first 15ml. One suggestion I have for OneHitWonder is to offer a sample pack deal, buying taste uninhaled for so much $ is hard for me, but think I’m goin to do it with RocketMan!

  67. Kayline922

    I bought my first bottle of [The] man after seeing a lot of positive reviews. I am not disappointed. It kind of reminds me of strawberry nesquick. Idk maybe it’s just me, but I love it.

  68. Crystal

    This is the best eliquid company! High quality eliquid that once you vape you will never be able to go back to the stuff you used to think was good! It literally tastes like perfumy ish! [The] man is amazing! According to my husband hands down the best flavor and all he really vapes!

  69. Evil Andy

    Excellent. Simply excellent

  70. ofie87

    Ini liquid Strawberry Milk yang paling enak, yang pernah aku cicip teta[i di negara ku sangat jarang yang jual produk dari One Hit Wonder

  71. CMGFJG

    Wow!! This juice is AWESOME! I tend to be rather picky with my juices, but I bought this one by suggestion of a vape shop owner. I was skeptical because too many times I have end up giving new juice away because I was unable to try before buying and then didn’t like it. Well, let me tell you….this was certainly not the case with [The] Man! This juice is smooth, sweet, creamy…….perfect!! My new all day vase. Thank you One Hit Wonder…..you couldn’t have done any better with this one!!

  72. ot120

    this juice was the fisrt one bought and it was fantastic . a great friend told me about OHW, an from that day i knew I’ve found the best e-liquid a the market…

  73. Roumen

    Amazing juice! This is my go-to daily vape. Super warm and defined flavors that aren’t too overbearing and you leave a trail of great smelling vapor wherever you go! People always stop and ask me what that delicious scent is, and I always point them in the direction of the amazing work by One Hit Wonder!

  74. Anthony

    I’m glad these come in 180ml had they not I would have never known just how great this juice is. It gets better and better everyday. Bout to order more!!

  75. Jonathon

    I’m not writing this review just for The Man eliquid cause the juice is fantastic, but the company and the people itself is good as well, they are helpful and they seem to care if you have a problem, if you haven’t tried The Man yet, or OHW in general you don’t know what your missing, so stop here at this review and go to the top and click and place that order its worth it!!!

  76. Ayoukenn

    Strawberry milk has been my go to flavor for 3 years of vaping, and this is the best I have had by far. OHW gets it. Amazing smooth flavor with no chemical taste, good clouds, a great price, and fast shipping. I have all but given up B&M stores due to the high prices. Will continue to buy this juice indefinitely. Can’t it to try the rocket man/my man samples as well. Thank you!!

  77. chriskmar

    This is by far the very best tasting strawberry vape juice I’ve ever had. It’s so smooth and creamy just like a strawberry milkshake but actually I even think it’s better i got the small sample bottle and I’ve saving it for fresh cotton wow so delish!! I’ve got to get more and I am not a fruity vape juice fan but now I want to try your whole line .

  78. Travis

    Brilliant. My favorite all day vape. I’ll vape this for as long as it exists. Yummy

  79. Josh

    Are you into strawberries and cream? If yes then you know what to do.

  80. Sean

    best juice they sell. awsome job. great flavor.

  81. Mthomas2595

    Amazing flavor definetly will be buying from you guys using in my brand new smok light edition tank tastes freaking amazing love it need to do some stuff like smores or a maple pancake flavor but great job guys

  82. Virgilio Villafuerte

    Best Strawberry Milk I have ever tasted. However, all bottles comes in 100ml only now. I miss the 180ml and it is hard to get it here in Dubai

  83. Ashley

    My favorite juice! Tastes just like a strawberry poptart mixed with strawberry quik powder. Not overly sweet. Shipping is incredibly fast. My order (Vegas to NJ) arrived two days after placing it this time!

  84. Schneir5

    Milk Man was the original One Hit Wonder flavor for me. It was the liquid that started my brand loyalty to One Hit Wonder. Although I haven’t used that particular liquid in a while now (I’ve been stuck on Magic Man since I tried it back in January) but I still would recommend it to anyone who vapes. The only downside I ever had with Milk Man (or The Man as it’s now called) is that it gunked up my coils pretty quickly. That is one reason I love Magic Man so much now, because coils last longer with it in my experience.

    Anyway The Man is a great strawberry and cream flavor. I’m sure that I will get it again some day, but currently I’ve just been using Magic Man, Island Man, and Army Man. I’m excited to try the new Fire Man!

  85. matthew schwartz (verified owner)

    This is the only brand and flavor I can vape. I have spent thousands of dollars on flavors and brands and this is the only one that does not make me sick, causes a rash, and simply tastes the best. I have been buying this brand and flavor (THE MAN) for years now and shipping and quality of the product is top-notch. I like this fluid so much I will never try anything else unless it is made by Top Shelf One Hit Wonder.

  86. Tammy (verified owner)

    One hit wonder customer service has been great. We had an issue with a past order and they took care of it and stood by their product. My husbands favorite ejuice is the man 3mg.

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