WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

//The Muffin Man E-Liquid 100mL

The Muffin Man E-Liquid 100mL


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(66 customer reviews)

The Muffin Man e Liquid


  • 1 x 100mL squeeze bottle Muffin Man
  • 80/20 VG/PG Ratio
  • Made with Trunic 2.0 Nicotine Salts
  • 100% made in the USA


Muffin Man E-Liquid by OneHitWonder

A Unique Blend of Sweet Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin. The Muffin Man E-Liquid has a robust Apple Flavor on the Inhale followed by Sweet undertones of Warm Muffin. 100% handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. The Muffin Man E-Juice comes in a 100ml plastic squeeze bottle.

Please Note: This product is not intended for use in a pod system. This product is only intended for use in a tank or atomizer. Although this product contains 3mg of nicotine salt, it is not a “high nicotine salt” product, and thus should not be used in a pod system device. If you have any questions, pease don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6.6 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

0MG, 3MG, 6MG

66 reviews for The Muffin Man E-Liquid 100mL

  1. Michael

    This stuff is good straight out of the bottle, but even better (if that’s even possible) when steeped for a few weeks till its more of a pink… it’s less sour and much sweeter!

  2. amy

    Received my 4th bottle of Muffin Man TODAY! It is the Best juice out there, by far! You guys are awesome! Thank you for all the time spent in perfecting it. Much appreciation. Very happy customer!

  3. Terrance

    I just got my bottle of this today and oh my glob is it delicious!

  4. Cory

    Wow. Muffin Man has become my all day everyday juice. Even when I do switch to another flavor, it isn’t long before I am going back to this. I was hesitant to try because of the price and not knowing if I would like it. I am so glad I did. And it is a great value for this good of a liquid. I am still working on my first bottle and I am excited to see what happens to the flavor after it is steeped for a while. Will be ordering more soon.

  5. AdrianMora

    I would like to file a complaint for this e-juice.
    Dear OneHitWonderELiquid, I purchased a 180mL bottle of your The Muffin Man e-liquid approximately two weeks ago. I appreciated its size and the compliments and mystified looks of the people that saw me dripping from this monster of a bottle. I carried it everywhere. I had it in a list of various RDAs and tanks and RBAs, you name it! It was all I had been vaping for about fourteen days. After almost 140mL, I decided that it was time to give The Muffin Man a break. Two days ago, I decided to buy a number of juices from a local vape shop. I have enjoyed these other brands before I came across your product. I built new coils, changed my cotton, got fresh batteries. All was great. I put in my new juices and took one or two hits. Delicious hits. Fruity, not pastry. Just the way I used to vape. An almost nostalgia hit me. Here is where the trouble comes in. I take TWO more lung fulls and I immediately start to regret spending $30 on a 30mL bottle of this fruity crap. Utter crap. It took less than ten minutes for me to want re-wick, grab my remaining Muffin Man, and go to vape heaven yet again. I cannot vape anything else, OneHitWonderELiquid, I can’t! I’ve tried various flavors of mine. Old favorites. I just can’t. They don’t compare. I should be buying another 180mL of Muffin Man and hopefully, a bottle of your Milk Man as well. I can’t get enough. You have ruined every overpriced juice that I ever loved. BEWARE! Everyone! Do not buy this juice unless you plan on buying it again and again and again because damn this stuff’s great. Thanks guys. Really really did something special here. Don’t know how you do it. You could be charging $35 for 30mL and it’d still buy this in a heartbeat. Compliments to the chef. Incredible.
    -Adrian Mora, TN

  6. James

    The best eliquid I’ve ever vaped. I now only vape onehitwonder eliquids. Nothing else compares. Such strong flavors. Can’t wait to steep them. I hope these geniuses come up with a new flavor.

  7. keeli

    A buddy of mine at work let me have about 10ml of Muffin man and I haven’t had any other ejuice since and don’t plan on getting anything else unless it’s made by you fine human beings. You’re products are just the best.

  8. Christopher

    Thus juice is like gold no other juice can even come close have tried many and the flavor was not there well tryed this stuff and omg it was like heaven I will not vape anything else and the milk man it the best so in my eyes whatever juice they make you will love it

  9. Alex

    Just got my bottel in tonight… this is what I’ve been waiting for a true to name juice. I’m a huge apple fan apple pie, apple crisp, apple fritter, apple muffin. And this juice is perfect very crisp and clean and to the point will most certainly order again and can’t wait to try milk man next thank you one hit wonder for all your hard work and dedication this juice shows both of those atributes.

  10. ksdad2two

    I have to say, One Hit Wonder is the Best I’ve ever tried, the muffin man on the inhale real apple flavor on inhale and a light cinnamon muffin on the exhale ( delish) and the Milk Man REAL strawberry flavor in the inhale with a milky /cream strawberry on the exhale, you have a customer for life ! You are e-juice gods and have made me a repeat customer for life, next order i make will be both , LOVE IT!

  11. E.kite

    I love this juice! So, here’s the problem. Your prices are great on the surface, however, since I tried Muffin Man I vape 10 times more! So, no savings, but I’m in heaven! I’ve spent a small fortune on premium ejuices and this is the first one that I want to vape all the time. I have one request, PLEASE make more flavors that are this amazing.

  12. Shaun

    WOW! This stuff is amazing… I bought both juices after watching some reviews and seeing how well they’ve been received. This juice does not disappoint – SO GOOD.

  13. Hancockmatt2000

    Amazing liquid best I’ve had yet. I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Also in the note section on my order I asked for a tree to be drawn on my invoice. When it arrived there was a vary well drawn tree with a bird vaping on a box mod.

  14. Charles Fitzpatrick

    Some of the best juice ever , understand I started vaping to quit smoking 8/9/14 so I. A year I have enjoyed some good ,some bad and some I would like to punch people in the face for even letting me try juices , these two take the cake in my book

  15. Ephrem

    This stuff is legit. No exaggeration it vapes like a high quality juice at a great price. It has a warm cinnamon apple on the inhale and a nice warm sweet dough flavor on the exhale. It’s an amazing smooth vape. Would highly recommend.

  16. louie

    Oh man the hype is real. First off I was recommended this by a friend then I googled a few reviews, decided to purchase the muffin man. And the expectations was met.

    The flavor isn’t intense but I assume letting the juice sit a week or 2 would make it even better. As of right now the apple flavor on the inhale is subtle but it’s the, not the sour apple taste you usually get with others, like a light sweet Apple taste and the exhale has the huge cinnamon muffin taste perfect.

    I might just found the one brand I will keep using for a while

  17. Gabriel

    Company is top notch. Customer service is incredible. Thank you guys for caring about the little people. Best juice on the planet rite now as we speak.

  18. Cbar

    I have tried a lot of liquids in the flavor class you provide on your line. All I can say is it is the best! Lowest price, flavorful cloud producing all day ejuice. Muffin man is the best apple muffin/ pastry class you will EVER find and the price is one in this world keep it up! I will never spend another dime on other companies.

  19. Jose C

    Amazing taste! I would give a higher than 5 rating if it allowed me to. One Hit Wonder’s superb customer service is outstanding and commendable, I made my first purchase and forgot to put in a coupon code, they responded very quickly from both email and Facebook message. And today, I noticed that I started getting low on my Muffin Man ejuice and I didn’t hesitate on getting my second bottle!!

  20. jeremy

    This is the best e juice I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried alot. If u like fresh baked apple muffin you will love this. You can taste the fresh baked apple filling and cinnamon bake right in this delicious muffin. I was was skeptical at first because I had to buy such a large bottle of e liquid that I had never tried before but believe you me it’s worth every dime. I find myself having to force myself to put my mod down because if I don’t I’ll vape close to 15 mls or more a day I love this so much that on my next order I’m going to order all 3 flavors that OH has to offer so if your on the fence about ordering this for any reason hesitate no longer put it in your cart give OHV your money and stalk your local delivery guy waiting for it to come in because I guarantee you will love it that much

  21. Nicholas

    Best juice I have tried to date. Smooth all day vape. I just received rocket man the other day and it’s so good I almost want to say it’s better than muffin man…dare is say? And milk man….it’s so good too! I have now found myself with 3 subtanks with each flavor in a constant rotation. All my other juices have made there way to a container in the back of my closet. Enough said! Can’t wait for your next flavor! Cereal? I can only dream of how good it will be. I have now been cigarette free for a year! Might have saved my life. Keep up the good work!

  22. edward

    I love this juice it taste just like it says. It is great. I am not a dripper or a sub ohm tank user. I just use a nautilus tank and it burns great in it. I usually just use sweet tobacco bit I tried this and i love it. For the price you can not beat it. Rocket man is my favorite, then milk man then muffin man. Hope this helps someone

  23. scottk87

    The best juice on the market right now I’ve tried every apple cinnamon out there and I always go back to muffin man I cannot wait to try Rocket Man thanks for the perfection and I’m looking forward to whatever juice you put out there

  24. cypressmoon

    Amazing juice! A friend of mine gave me 15ml to try. It reminds of the apple cinnamon instant oatmeal I like and also the muffins. Definitely will be ordering. Great job guys!

  25. edward

    I done reviewed this juice but I figure I give an update. After spending more time with all three juices. My favorite is milk man then muffin man then rocket ???? man. And after vaping this juice I got some brick and mortar juice I use to vape and I hated it. It gave me a headache. Guess after using premium juice you can’t go back to cheap juice and for the price you can’t. Beat this company. All three flavors is worth the money ???? you will not regret it at all.????

  26. Christopher

    If I had not gotten this as a sample with Milkman I honestly never would have been interested in this flavor. I have hated ALL apple flavors Ive tried because they were candyish. I quit vaping cinnamon flavors months ago because they were missing something.
    Then I got this today with Milkman (first time for it too!)
    I figured why not throw it in and try it because my coil needs to be replaced and if I didnt like it I would just toss the coil anyway. One taste-I was hooked. Its neither candy cinnamon, nor candy apple. Its real, tastes just like Cracker Barrel’s cinnamon apple dessert. My ADV until this package got here was strawberries and white chocolate. Now Ive got 180mls of Milkman-but I cant keep my hands off of Muffin Man. Its the perfect fall vape. Im in love with this flavor and Im in the process of talking my DH into dropping another $60 for a bottle of this, lol.
    The only issue was with the amount of time between my order being placed and it arriving. It took eleven days from the day it was placed until it arrived. Ill just make sure to reorder with enough juice left so I wont be without.

  27. felipe

    Top notch! Great flavor and vapor production.
    Great customer service and even better value.
    Kudos ohw!

  28. Trev890

    Delicious hands down the best apple flavor you will find.

  29. Dynaper

    I feel like an addict with this juice. Discovered it in May when we were in Miami for World Vapor Expo, and literally have used nothing else since. This is the best, most flavorful, cloud producingest (Yeah, I made up a word!) juice I’ve ever used. Pretty sure I’ve taken ADV to new levels with this juice.

  30. theenoid

    OMG!!! I’ve tried over 25 different ones and kept looking for that special one. I found it! (I liked Milk Man. But now bumped that down to my #2. Rocket Man isn’t my cup of tea.) But this is perfect. My only gripe, I like to see higher nicotine levels. But maybe there is a reason for that? Might effect flavor or something. I don’t know. This is now my all day vape. I just love it. Reminds me of Apple Jax cereal without the milk. I received the juice today and vaped right away. Perfect Flavor! No need to steep, just shake well and done. Was ordered on Sunday and received on Thursday! Using with Aspire Atlantis 2 on lower air setting, brought down to 27w-30w, was getting burnt taste at 33w.

  31. donshaffer

    Great juice, a little bit to heavy on the cinnamon for my taste. Will let steep for a time and see if that tones down the cinnamon some. Still a great juice though.

  32. Chris

    I love this ejuice I promise you there’s no way to go bad with this! The tast is amazing with the exhale of amazing! right away you could smell this ejuice in the shipping box to and man is this somthing! Can’t wait to get my man juice from them and try it out!❤️

  33. hollie

    I’ve purchased this flavor 4 times and I absolutely love it! No bland oily non-taste here! ????
    Perfect blend of apples and cinnamon. ???? Nom nom…They nailed it! ????

  34. Andrew

    Simply top notch juice.

    Purchased this in a UK store and haven’t found an equal to beat it.
    Have now ordered more straight from Onehit USA and can’t wait for its arrival.

    Looking forward to trying the new flavours included in my order so I get an all round flavour sensation.

    Open a store here in the UK so we can buy it at a good price guys!

  35. Jonathan

    Love this eliquid and for me that is saying a lot. I’ve been vaping for the past 5 months and just now found an eliquid that can be my daily vape. Thank you one hit wonder and by the way if your wondering is it worth it, I can tell you this I just ordered this the milk man and rocket man sooo yeah it is.

  36. Lauren

    This is the best juice I have ever had. Received it yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down. I have over 80 flavors in my collection and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back to anything else. Definitely ordering again soon!

  37. Rockthisfellah

    Saw this at a local vape shop. I’ve always been getting a 30ml ($22) that last me for about a week. Using it with an aspire triton. The shop I get it from sales it for $64. For the price, can’t go wrong with a 180ml bottle. Bought it, vaped it… And it was heaven. Great, pure flavor with massive clouds! True to the description, I will definitely purchase this bottle of goodie when I need to!

  38. Madluk

    Received a sample of this with my most recent order. I couldn’t believe how REAL the apple smell and taste is! Like eating freshly sliced apples lightly covered in cinnamon and sugar.

  39. Douglas m

    After trying My Man and purchasing in a brick n morter vape shop, I ordered on-line a few weeks ago a 2nd bottle of My Man. The deal of the day was a free 15ml sample pack of the other three juices. I loved 3 out of 4 enough to get my old drippers and boxes out and have a dedicated set up for each flavor. I was used to higher nic levels, but it does affect flavors. These are so smooth and rich i just ordered my 3rd and 4th bottles, Muffin and My Man. The sample pack is a good way to try the line up, but dont purchase any OHW products if you have alot of 1/2 full bottles of juice laying around. They will stay 1/2 full. This, and all OHW juices are all that. Great juice and good value.

    Thanks OHW, your name says it all

  40. Joshua

    Hands down! The best vape company I have tried. Don’t look at the price and think no way it could be good. Look at the reviews. Amazing quality. I have only been through one unicorn bottle of the the muffin man and I just placed an order of my man. you guys are great. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  41. Jason

    Creme de la creme here! Couldnt be better. This stuff is amazing. Spot on the description. Perfect mixture. Imagine taking an apple cutting it up and simmering it in a pan with a light dash of cinnamon. That exactly what this tastes like. Perfect sweetness and ratios. This is a winner. I was hesitant to buy but now am glad that I did. A keeper for sure!

  42. Apeeze1098

    All of their juices are amazing, Milk man, Rocket man, and Muffin man are some of the best flavors I’ve ever had. I’d love to see a cotton candy flavor by OHW as I know it would be amazing

  43. Crystal

    TLDR: It’s my addiction flavor. Imo too thick for a tank and dirties wicks faster compared to some liquids. (I vape 3mg) Check out their facebook for coupon codes that’ll get you free 15ml samples a lot of the time with purchase. I love this company.

    I LOVE Muffin Man! It’s my all day favorite. I’ve tried all the OHW (even Policeman) flavors and it’s still my favorite of them all. I’ve tried lots of other juices also but nothing can take Muffin Mans place in my juice lineup. It is my addiction flavor. I can vape it till I can’t taste it, be sad to have to switch, and then be in a hurry to get it back on my wick. To a new buyer, 180ml is a leap of faith unless you’ve tasted it, however I like to think they did it this way for a reason. They are not catering to those who just want to taste something once. They are trying to be your supplier. If you love it, your not just going to order one small bottle at a time are you? No you buy 3-5, maybe more, small bottles so you can go for a month or so w/o ordering. So by only selling it in 180ml bottles they are cutting costs (for us and them) and making a smaller footprint in our environment by not making so much bottle trash. If you just want to try it, and you can’t find anywhere to sample it, just watch their facebook page (From time to time they will sell a sampler pack) or even better, you may try to convince some vape friends to go in on it with you and just split the bottle up. I do love this company. I’ve always gotten my order in a timely manner. I follow them on facebook to get coupon codes regularly (often including a free 15ml sampler). You can request any mg nicotine for those samples, which I’ve never had other companies do. Once I even asked for stickers with my order and got them at no extra charge. They are nice people and a great company with great juices. I’d say the only objective con about Muffin Man is it tends to dirty the wicks faster when you compare it to some other liquids (I vape 3mg) also I would not recommend this for a tank setup, especially one that takes pre-made coils, unless you don’t mind buying LOTS of coils. Muffin man is thick and thick juices tend to cause burned wicks in tanks. I have used it in my Crius rta with mixed results but it’s rebuildable so I’m ok with it, but it’s definitely more of a dripper liquid imo.

  44. fmfaysal

    the best MAN ever. and i have tried all other flavors except Policeman. easy all day vape, massive cloud. i cant get enough of it. tried other juices to change taste bud but kept coming back to this one. something very special about MuffinMan its sweet but not too sweet. the cinnamon is not overwhelming and and GOD the apple muffin is addictive. very complex but perfect blend which keeps me coming back to get this MAN. if anyone has any doubt before buying it for the first time, please don’t. worth every penny and beyond. MuffinMan rocks.

  45. Ryan_r

    I was skeptical about this one but I sampled it from a friend and pulled out my phone and immediately purchased 180ml. This juice is just the right amount of apple and just the right amount of cinnamon. Unlike other juices that add WAY too much apple or cinnamon.. this one is perfect.. definitely an all day vape for me.

  46. brad0021

    Wow, okay….this is seriously they best apple flavored juice I’ve ever had. I am sold on all of your products now after being very happy with the rocket man, now this. I am thoroughly impressed. I’m running this in a authentic Velocity RDA with a tighter draw for warmth, at .4 omhs, dual coil build, powered by a Sigelei 150w TC, running at 40w. This is seriously D-LISH!!! Smooth in and out, nice milky cloud, nothing undesirable at all. Tastes almost exactly like a warm apple crisp. It has a nice sweet apple pie filling flavore (like the warm gooey center of an apple pie), with a perfect amount of a cinnamon spice. I even get a slight pie crust or golden brown dough flavor on exhale back end. It’s freakishly accurate. Lovely, simply lovely! You WONT be disappointed at all. Cheers on another excellent recipe.

  47. Daniele

    The best liquid muffin of the world!!!

  48. Price

    I have been vaping for four and a half years now and when I first started I got looks and questions ALL the time. This is THE BEST flavor I have EVER tried since I started vaping. From the very first puff it has become my new favorite. I just placed my second order and One Hit Wonder has got a new life time customer. Great prices and don’t hesitate because of the size. You’ll be glad you took the plunge into a sweet apple warm cinnamon muffin. Bravo!

  49. domino02

    I’ve bought 3 bottles of muffin man, It is the only thing I vape. Great price and the best flavored eLiquid I’ve tried.

  50. Evil Andy

    This is a great flavor. I got it as a free sample and I loved it. I normally stay away from cinnamon, but this was blended perfectly. I should’ve got this over policeman.

  51. ot120

    asfor the price, well if you want the best, price isn’t an issue. muffin man is the greatest ejuice I’ve vaped. the flavor is soo delicious that your taste buds will run wild…

  52. hollie

    I’ve been vaping Muffin Man since day one. By far my FAVORITE juice I have ever tried. When we finish a bottle I wash them real good then soak them in vinegar water over night. I use them as glue bottles at my work.
    Saving the world one bottle at a time. ;-P

  53. Admir

    I just received my first order and couldn’t wait to hit the Muffin Man. Ohh Myy, Ohh Myy! tried so many juices but you guys are just amazing. I can’t put it down and go to bed lol…. you guys rock and I look forward to more orders for sure! Best juice I ever vaped!

  54. GottaLoveThatMuffinMan

    The best Apple Cinnamon Muffin you can get, hands down. I cannot describe the feeling, it’s heaven.. Ever since my first puff I was hooked, now you get 210ml total (including both unicorns) of this delicious juice for a steal compared to other companies. If you like Apples and Cinnamon look no further.

  55. chriskmar

    This was my 1st try of One Hit Wonder and it is amazing apples and muffin sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon it’s got the ooey gooey goodness of caramelized n baked apples with muffin bakery goodness. I’m a huge fan now this juice is an all day vape for sure, just cannot put it down.

  56. jjolsn13

    Went to my shop tried out two juices in this flavor category, loved em . Dude said try this one “muffin man” , but be warned you might not like the other ones again. Well every juice now tast plane and fake or like pure sugar. So thank you you for making this amazing stuff and I also hate you for making me not want any other juice lol.

  57. Travis

    Second favorite only to the (milk) man. My breakfast vape of choice.

  58. Sean

    pretty good. could vape 4 days at a time.

  59. seth davids

    I´ve been vaping for a few years, and I found OneHitWonder around the time I started. Muffin Man always has and always will be my favorite juice; hands down

  60. chriskmar

    This one hit wonder Muffin Man is sooooooooo amazing I refuse to vape it all at once it’s just that good. I treat myself to the deliciousness of the caramelized apples with a taste of muffin flaky goodness and a pinch of cinnamon omgosh it is just so incredible I want 10 gallons I”m hooked.

  61. babblefishie

    WOW… A friend gave me a sample and I was hooked. IMMEDIATELY logged online to order some. The tangy, tart taste of the apple, the subtle exhale of cinnamon…. oaty muffin taste finish….You nailed it! Came quickly considering I live in Canada and it had to pass customs… I would advise fellow Canadians to order directly from company.. Big savings…You’ve ruined me for anything else! Well… will have to try your other flavours now!

  62. Acheros

    flavor never gets stale. never get vapor’s tongue with this one which is incredible considering it’s 80/20 vg/pg. it’s so smooth and still manages to keep all the flavor! gotta be my favorite flavor from these guys. they gave me an army man sampler too which was nice. i enjoy that one too but not as much as muffin man 🙂 gonna try out mini muffin man next time i order.

  63. Lund0911

    This is one of my top apple flavors! One Hit Wonder is thee best at creating great quality ejuice with amazing flavors! I had the pleasure of meeting the owners at the Vegas expo last year. Stand up guys!

  64. Gen 1er

    If you’re thinking about trying this out for the first time, do not wait. Place your order right now. This juice cannot disappoint.

  65. Derek PECKHART (verified owner)

    This is my favorite flavor!!!! One Hit Wonder is the only vape I use.

  66. Derek PECKHART (verified owner)

    This really does taste like apple muffins

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