What is Steeping?

Steeping, essentially, is aging a bottle of E Liquid to achieve a desired taste. Think of a fine wine or bourbon, both get better with age, and E-Liquid is no different. This process can be seen as eliquid slowly goes from light in color, to dark over the course of the steeping process. For example, a bottle of Muffin Man will appear light in color, and slightly clear when relatively new, before turning a more cinnamon brown as time goes on.

Why is Steeping Important?

Steeping, more than anything else, aside from the recipe of course, determines a liquid’s taste. Harsh, or artificial, scents and flavors tend to mellow out over time as flavors settle and develop. This is because it takes time for both PG and VG to absorb every flavor molecule. Because of this, steeping is an invaluable tool used to achieve the perfect taste for every vaper.

What Affects the Steeping Process?

Steeping begins the moment the batch of ejuice is created. However, three things in particular play the biggest role in how juice steeps. These are: light, heat, and oxygen exposure.
  1. Light, and sunlight in particular, are bad for steeping. Overexposure to light will accelerate the steeping process in unnatural and uneven ways. This greatly affects how the flavor molecules are absorbed by PG and VG. This is why most juice manufacturers recommend storing ejuice in a dark place. Some vape shops store their liquids on a shelf or counter that receives direct sunlight, a practice that can lead to your favorite juice being absolutely ruined before it’s ever opened.
  2. Unlike light exposure, which is almost always a negative, heat exposure plays an important role in the steeping process. Too much heat and a liquid can steep unnaturally, making the liquid thick in consistency and taste. Too little heat and a liquid wont steep at all. This is why we recommend storing your liquid at room temperature, or somewhere around 75° F. Slight deviations in temperature are perfectly acceptable, but prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures is not recommended.
  3. Oxygen exposure to any consumable product affects how quickly it ages. For some wine, exposing it to oxygen, or “letting it breathe” is essential for the right taste, where as for an avocado, this same process can be disastrous. Thankfully for eliquid, moderate exposure to the open air can work wonders for your favorite juice. This is why we recommend removing the cap of your liquid for a few minutes, before sealing the cap and shaking the bottle vigorously. This will “aerate” the liquid, or more simply, help to introduce oxygen throughout the juice so it can help it age. Shaking also helps keep ingredients from separating, so this serves multiple purposes.

How Long does Steeping Take?

That depends entirely on the level of light, heat, and oxygen exposure. It’s also completely up to you, the vaper, how much you enjoy a liquid throughout the steeping process. This is why we recommend experimenting with steeping options to find out what works best for you, and for the liquid you enjoy vaping. As a reference though, a sealed bottle of liquid kept at room temperature can take about 2-3 weeks before changes in flavor and scent become noticeable. Remember, fresh bottles can smell and taste harsh, “chemically,” or artificial. But don’t worry! This will quickly change as long as you keep the three factors of steeping in mind.

Does One Hit Wonder E Liquid come “Pre-Steeped?”

Yes! However, the most important factors are you and your taste buds. Remember, some vapers will prefer our liquid fresh out of production, while others will prefer to let their liquid steep some before it’s ready to vape.